???? Real Estate in Egypt Apartaments - Hurghada. El Dora

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SA-00033. Apartaments - Hurghada. El Dora
Pleasing and attractive villas and apartmets planned in Nubian architectural style sophisticated room layout and expandable design with 5 types. Residential quality on 3 floors with a wonderful see view. Apartment description: - Spacious Living Area with open kitchen and joining Dining Area. - 1 ,2, 3 Bedrooms, 1Toilet, 1, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Dressing Rooms, and 2 Storgerooms. - Ample Terrace with Pergola. - Additional external staircase. - Spacious Roof Terrace with Pergola. - Swimming Pool. Indoor Total Area: 214.40 M2 Out Terrace Area: 71.20 M2
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Modifications and additional options are available….. As that our main purpose make our customer feels like home or hotel we offers many services so that they can have every thing done without any effort from them while he is in the residence or at his Country and when he comes back to the residence he will find every thing is clean, healthy, green and working right. All of that is through a number of services we offer for a certain fee. 1- Supervision for gardens : As of residence we have the ability that we take care of the garden and the trees as trimming the trees and the grasses. All of that made by a professional stuff belongs to our company. And this service is around the year not for Limited time. 2- Security Service: Also as a main service of us we have a Security stuff to secure the residence around the hour. And their main job is to secure the whole residence area and secure the units and doing patrol on the residence at Day/Night. And our residence is surrounded by Entrances so that our customer feels safe. 3- Pests Enforcement: We have a complete stuff and equipment for pest control and as for this stuff his main purpose is pest enforcement as for the mosquitoes and the flies. Which allow our customer can have his vacation without any disturbance. 4- Maintenance for streets: And as for the Passages and the Landscapes in the residence we have a maintenance programs for collecting the garbage from the residence. 5- Maintenance of Networks: As our main concern is that the customer feels like hotel and home at the same time we made a big maintenance program for the Networks such as the: • Electricity Network which will be follow-up time as for changing wires and lamps for the landscape.(For Extra Fee) • Sanitation Network which will be also follow-up time as for checking the pumps and checking the sanitation effectiveness. • Satellite Network this network is established in the whole units of the residence and this maintenance will take care of upgrading the network. • Internet Network we have a great Internet Network in the whole residence and we have also a maintenance program for this network as checking the connection and upgrading the network. (For Extra Fee) • Water Network and as for this network we have a great network to supply every unit with her needs of water. (For Extra Fee) • Telephone Network as for this network we have also the ability of maintaining this network working right.(For Extra Fee) 6- Maintenance of Swimming Pools: As for the Public Pools we have a maintenance programs as filtering the water for the pools and balancing the chlorine in the water and cleaning the Pools.